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Electric Tooth Rasp for Horses

Eisenhut Swissfloat Slimline Electric Tooth Rasp for Horses

Swissfloat Slimline Electric Horse Toothrasp is a flagship product of Eisenhut-Vet, who have to their credit 20 years expertise in equine motorized dentistry. Swissfloat Slimline is equipped with an unique GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) as an extra safety device. Swissfloat Slimline is popular all over the world amongst the best equine professionals.

Hitech, Eisenhut Swissfloat Slimline Horse Tooth-Rasp comes with innovative Security Plug and BOSCH drive. Takes the strain out of dealing with problem teeth, with minimum of stress to the animal. Variable speed, 0-1300rpm, ensures quick results, up to 4 times quicker than conventional tooth rasps and minimises the necessity for sedation. Easy to use with head height of 26mm (including the file disc) and rasp length of 650mm, Swissfloat is ideal for reaching the back teeth. Lightweight (2.95 kg) and comfortable to hold, this quiet tooth rasp is a must for any equine Medical & Medical & Medical & Veteirnary surgeon.

Besides the regular OEM Carbide Rasp Disk, Diamond Flat and Diamond Master Rasp Disks are also available for advanced use. These disks last much longer and as well reduce the treatment time considerably. These disks can be used, once the veterinarian gets familiar and becomes fluent with the Swissfloat operation.

Haussmann Climax Mouth Gag for Horses

State-of-the-art Eisenhut Climax Mouthgag is a very hitech mouthgag for horses and is recommended for use alongwith Swissfloat Slimline Electric Horse Tooth-Rasp or otherwise. Climax mouthgag is the latest hitech mouthgag that is available in the Medical & Medical & Medical & Veteirnary science today and has endless options for use by Medical & Medical & Medical & Veteirnary doctors.