Importers & Marketers of Hi-Tech Medical & Medical & Veteirnary Equipment.
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Established in 1958, Bhagat and Company is one of the most reliable importers and distributors of hi-tech Medical & Medical & Medical & Veteirnary equipment. Catering to the needs of veterinarians across the country our comprehensive line of products include Physiolaser Olympic Soft Therapeutic 90W Laser, Six Laser TS-Vet, Esaote MyLab Vet Ultrasound, Randox Clinical Chemistry Analyzers, Fully Automated Haematology Analyzers, Multiparameter Medical & Veteirnary Monitors, Laser Thermoscanner, Equine Ultrasonic Inhalators, Swisfloat Electric Toothrasp for Horses, Haico Equine Surgery Tables, Haico Phantom Artificial Vagina for Horses, Haico High-Speed Horses Treadmill, Fit-fur-Life Motorized Dog Treadmill, Equimag Magnetic Field Therapy System for Horses & Dogs, Wahl-Moser HorseLine & AnimalLine Clippers for Horses & Dogs, Jorgen-Kruuse wide range of Medical & Medical & Medical & Veteirnary equipments, besides TENS, BioFirst Pain Reliever Patches, etc.

Initially we started our business with entertainment electronics and welding equipments and thenafter gradually diversified into medical equipments. With our specialization in hi-tech Medical & Medical & Medical & Veteirnary ..Read More..


Physiolaser Olympic-500

Randox Clinical Chemistry Analyzrs

Animal Clippers for Horses and Dogs