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PHYSIOLASER OLYMPIC Therapy and Diagnosis Laser of 90W
PHYSIOLASER OLYMPIC Therapy and Diagnosis Laser of 90W
(Manufactured by: Reimers & Janssen GmbH of Germany)

Physiolaser Olympic is the high-end laser of the new generation incorporating MELOS (Medical Laser Operating System) Software. The fully programmable Physiolaser Olympic offers a range of functions previously unknown, viz. automatic time/power/joule calculation, many special therapy programs, diagnostic module and much more. Special laser output with precision lens for high lumination enables deep irradiation (muscles, trigger points, joints and wound healing). The Physiolaser Olympic comes with a built in high power rechargeable battery and can also be used connected to the mains current. This ultimate laser comes with most comprehensive functions suitable for widest range of indications,  viz. universal-program (81 therapy combinations), science-program with Nogier/Bahr/Elias/ Reininger/free frequencies, derma-program (27 therapy combinations), dental-program (81 therapy combinations) and acupuncture-program, point frequencies, etc.

The Satellite - mobile laser scanner

The compact scanner "Satellite" for the laser therapy of large areas, power 500 mW/810 nnm + 150 mW/638 nm, handheld, with swivel arm and table clamp or connected w/ tripod (ground).