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PHYSIOLASER OLYMPIC - Therapy and Diagnosis Laser of 90W
Physiolaser Olympic is the high-end laser of the new generation, which has successfully been used by Petermann, Germany for varied indications. Physiolaser Olympic because of its high 90W wattage is ideal for larger animals in therapy as well acupressure points. Physiolaser Olympic was extensively used during Barcelona Olympics. The fully programmable Physiolaser Olympic offers a range of functions previously unknown, viz. automatic time/power/joule calculation, many special therapy programs, diagnostic module and much more. Special laser output with precision lens for high lumination enables deep irradiation (muscles, trigger points, joints and wound healing). The Physiolaser Olympic comes with a built in high power rechargeable battery and also can be used connected to the mains current. This laser is effective in treatment of different Medical & Medical & Medical & Veteirnary indications like, allergy, alopecia, arthritis, arthrosis, eczema, inflammation, fracture, joint acute, joint chronic, herpes simp, skin, itching, lymphatic sys, lameness, scars, fungi, regeneration, relaxation, mucosa, pain, sedation, tendon acute, tendon chronic, tonisation, restlessness, tension, wound acute, wound chronic, etc. As the Physiolaser Basic Unit has a provision for two Therapeutic Probes to be used simultaneously, it is possible to have both the point probe and multi cluster probe in operation at the same time. It is more convenient to treat a larger area with the multi cluster probe (904nm/5x30w or 904nm/12x10W) instead of treating point by point with the single probe, especially when it comes to wound healing. Whereas the point probe (904nm/90w) has a higher energy density at a single point and is more efficient, especially for smaller areas, as this emits more power/energy in shorter time. But finally, both probes offer similar results.

The Satellite - mobile laser scanner

The compact scanner "Satellite" for the laser therapy of large areas, power 500 mW/810 nnm + 150 mW/638 nm, handheld, with swivel arm and table clamp or connected w/ tripod (ground).

Lasers in Infertility
Laser treatment of prepared substandard sperm prior to intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF) may yield improved assisted reproductive technology results, Australian researchers reported here at the annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

LLLT has been shown to help temporarily improve sperm motility, increase calcium transport within murine spermatozoa, and increase the longevity of motility in previously frozen turkey sperm. To investigate the effect of LLLT on human sperm, Australian researchers conducted a prospective observational study on normospermic and asthenospermic semen specimens