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Samsung Ultrasounds provides the ultimate in content optimization for a portable system. Vastly improved resolution allows you to provide the most accurate clinical outcomes.
● QuickScan™
QuickScan™ provides automatic image optimization at the push of a button.
● Speckle Reduction Filter™ (SRF™)
Samsung Medison's innovative SRF™ algorithm makes speckle noise a thing of the past.
● Dynamic MR+2.0™ (DMR+ 2.0™)
The powerful DMR+ 2.0™ software improves the contrast resolution of ultrasound images, enabling you to see subtle differences in tissue.
● Spatial Compounding Image™ (SCI™)
SCI™ greatly improves the signal-to-noise ratio and enhances resolution using compounding.
● 3D / 4D - 3D eXtended Imaging XI™ (3D XI™)
3D XI™ comprises three innovative imaging applications, Multi-Slice View™, Oblique View™ and VolumeCT™. These imaging applications offer complete and precise control over 3D/ 4D volume data manipulation for maximum diagnostic 3D/4D accuracy.