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Six Laser TS - VET
For the first time in the world Six Laser TS has launched a Medical & Medical & Medical & Veteirnary laser exclusivedly for dogs with graphic illustration of the dog treatment protocols. This apparatus has a built-in therapeutical guide containing data and recommendations for the relevant therapy, anatomical description of the spot to be irradiated, recommended dosage in J (Joul), number and frequency of the applications, expected results and recommendations for the r3elevant therapy. SIX LASER TS is available with an infrared and/or red laser probe. Upon being attached laser probes are detected and recognized by the apparatus. Specialized tips are used to direct the irradiation to the spot to be treated.

Medical & Veteirnary Pulse Oximeter

Rechargeable, portable pulse oxymeter. Audible alarm sound if SpO2 or pulse is outside the user definable normal limits. Real-time SpO2%, Real-time heart rate (BPM), one touch operation and symbol icons for easy operation